This is a list of Google search techniques I find useful.


1. Search Terms

  • PHRASE: "egg sandwich"
  • EXCLUDE: sandwich -egg
  • OR: egg sandwich OR "creme brulee" (The OR must be in upper case. It only applies to the 2 terms immediately either side of it, so this example will find pages with 'egg' that also contain either 'sandwich' or 'creme brulee')
  • WORD ORDER IS SIGNIFICANT: egg sandwich (different to: sandwich egg)
  • WILDCARD: "never lick a * in the mouth" (wildcards only apply to whole words. So sandwich* is not correct, instead use sandwich to find both sandwich and sandwiches)
  • AROUND: "why do birds" AROUND(9) "you are near" (match words within x words)


2. Filtering

  • SITE: (or site:* will not find anything on but will find things on and etc)
  • LOCATION: egg sandwiches location:australia
  • NEARBY your current location: coffee nearby
  • FILETYPE: filetype:pdf
  • NUMBER/PRICE RANGE: egg sandwiches $2..5
  • ANY PRICES: egg sandwiches $


3. Functionality

  • CALCULATE: 5/12+2 (just type the sum into the search box or address bar)
  • CONVERT: 5 mph to kph (another example: 5 USD to AUD)
  • DEFINE: define sanger (any word, including slang)
  • CACHE:
  • FLIGHT UPDATES: QF123 (will show arrival/departure info for flight QF123 including terminal, gate, and ETA)


  • Deprecated/inactive operators will be ignored: + ~ AND NOT sandwic* ( )


Anything useful that I've missed? Let me know!

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